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Company name, legal form and registration number

  • FINANDIR, limited liability company
  • Registered with the RCS Le Mans, under the number 449799592

Head office

  • Logis de Moullins 72600 Saint Rémy du Val

E-mail address and phone number

  • Phone: +33 2 43 34 00 19

Individual tax identification number (VAT number)

  • FR6944979959200018

Details of the company’s statutes mentioned in the Orias register

  • Registered in the unique register of intermediaries in Insurance, Banking and Finance as:
    • Financial Investment Advisor (FIA)
    • Insurance and reinsurance broker (COA)
    • Broker in banking and payment services

Name, address and approval number of the licensing authority.

  • Member of the Chambre Nationale des Conseillers en Investissements Financiers ( CNCIF), 22 rue de Longchamp 75116 Paris
  • Approval number : D007074

Name of the person responsible for the publication

  • Philippe Rouault

Complete contact details of the host

Simplified CNIL declaration number in the case of the collection of data on its customers

  • 12092015

Customer complaint handling policy

  • The Company provides the Clients with a document detailing the procedures for examining any complaints that the Clients may make, as well as the procedures for handling them: contacts, deadlines, etc. In addition, pursuant to the provisions of Article 325-12-1 of the AMF General Regulation, information on the complaints handling procedure is made available to customers free of charge.