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Musée du Louvres pendant l’heure d’or


FINANDIR has anticipated the following events:

  • The Great Financial Crisis of 2008 from the end of 2007, reinforced analysis in February 2008 and finally on March 13 with the bankruptcy of Bear Stearns, avoided in the night by the forced repurchase by JP Morgan, on instruction of the FED of New York. FINANDIR recommended in February and May 2008 a liquidation of positions in equities and other risky assets,
  • The consequences of the “Taper Tantrum” of May 20, 20013, immediately recommending to cut 50% the same day and the next,
  • The Chinese crisis in June 2015, recommending a 50% reduction in equity positions as early as the end of April,
  • The correction of January and February 2016 by advising on December 31, 2015 and January1, 2016 a further reduction in the assets laughed,
  • Q4 2018 correction, advising a 50% reduction in all risky assets
  • The strong correction of 2022, advising the strong reduction of risky assets (including bonds) from November 2021